the board gets ever more exciting !!

This board is getting ever the more exciting, whats even more exciting is the return of some golden oldies who have been away for too long such as grpfck.

We hope to hear more from grpfck in the near future.

I see a trend developing, our community is moving towards a direction of explaining ourselves as people and not just a load of frotteur stories.

Is a frotteur really a frotteur when the girl is enjoying the frotting experience ? or are we being "kino" with our females. Where do we draw the line ?.

The talent on this board is extremely high, as punjabi hunter has rightly said, the board has given birth to great men, psychologists, sex therapists, sociologists, poets, writers, great thinkers, men of wisdom who wish not just to talk about day to day bullshit such as the weather or whats on TV tonight, we seek to explain why people DO what they DO.

I standby what I say, please nominate punjabi butt humper as groper of the month, well done my humping pal ! keep up the good work.

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