Selected Sensual Stories No.11

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Title: They must be surprised.

I like few marbles in my pussy. When I walk they move in me. I take the train daily to work with marbles. One day I hit on a practical joke. I approached a high school girl. I touched her clitoris gently for long time. I made her wet , then I put a marble in her opening. I doubt if she knows that. If not, when would she know it? Her first love with a boyfriend?

Age: 22
Sex: have none lately

Date: Thu Aug 17 14:05:14 2000 GMT

Name: Johnny Rodz

Title: Transcript

Rodz632:      age?
Lchj001:      30
Rodz632:      you get groped in crowds?
Lchj001:      yes
Rodz632:      like where? concerts?
Lchj001:      concerts, sporting events, anywhere crowd
Rodz632:      ever had younger guys grope you?
Lchj001:      all ages
Rodz632: & ... 775 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 17
Sex: Male

Date: Wed Aug 30 17:59:22 2000 GMT

Name: Ms. Wood

Title: Italian waiter

When I made a trip to Italy, I stayed at a small hotel. It had a small restaurant. I met a weird waiter there. He was young, blond, good looking and spoke decent English. He was a talkable person. After the dinner and good amount of drink, I left to my room.

I found him at the top of the stairs. It's unexpected. He must be still at work. He said "good night" and offered me his hand. I said "good night" and we shook hands. He said "and hug?" and I gave him a hug. He hugged me for quite a long while. H ... 821 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 22
Sex: No! but only if ...

Date: Sat Sep 2 14:27:39 2000 GMT

Name: moth

Title: after a long abstinence

I touched a woman after a long abstinence today. She glanced at me briefly but soon she pretended ignorance. She was a beautiful woman. I tried my luck further. I slipped a hand up under her skirt. She was closing the legs tightly at first but loosened them later. I slipped a finger in her pussy. She was hot and wet there.

Age: secret
Sex: secret

Date: Mon Sep 4 18:43:10 2000 GMT

Name: H Sensei

Title: with her boyfriend

A crowded train out from Shinjuku. Feeling drunk and therefore braver than usual, you know what I mean? A couple got on and luckily as the final crush came, the girl's arse was pushed against my hand. I thought she wiggled her hand against my hand. Wishful thinking? I gingerly returned the gesture. She was chatting with a young guy, about her age, her boyfriend I presume. Ginger fingers became a little more confident. A press. A firmer press. Changing hands now. Holding the briefcase with my left so freeing ... 671 more byte(s), click here!

Age: under 20 please
Sex: duh!

Date: Tue Sep 5 13:40:31 2000 GMT


Title: love those crowded situation

I'm ASSMAN and this is my second experience. I had gone to an outdoor concert a few weeks ago, The weather was hot, very hot but, I wanted to get as close to the stage and enjoy the singers. On this day I as located in the middle of the crowd and started hunting for prey. As I kept looking around I notice that for every female there a male was standing immediately behind her but not touching her. As the evening wears on and the sun was setting, many of these guys were tight up against these girls. There wa ... 1598 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30ish
Sex: male

Date: Sat Sep 9 18:39:54 2000 GMT


Title: New years eve crowd

New years eve 1998 I was celebrating as with the rest of the city. As I was walking up and down the street I wanted to get inside this hotel so I can get warm. I was standing in line outside the doors as with everyone else trying to get in but the hotel manager had locked all of the and had allowed entry only to those people with a hotel room key. as the night went on, the manager would allow 1 or 2 people in every half hour to use the restroomand then he would lock the door again. As I stood in line, more ... 1733 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30ish
Sex: male

Date: Sat Sep 9 19:26:04 2000 GMT

Name: a pervert

Title: a sleeping beauty

I had a girlfriend, Miss K, though not sex friend. She was a pretty woman, 21, good shaped. She asked me advice frequently. We were in very good term. (And I was planning to rape her in time.)

She visited me one dull evening. She was a bit drunk and slept on my bed without my permission. I tried her breasts. I never sexually aprroched her till them. Her boobs were tender, plumpish and I judged them D cups. I slipped a hand under her T-shrit, managed to go under her bra but I couldn't find a hook. Sh ... 1343 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: more!

Date: Sun Sep 10 21:21:48 2000 GMT

Name: Todd

Title: Classrooms

Ever been in a classroom with those desks with the open backs? I love those. When the desks are pushed closely together, I sit behind a girl, and when she sticks her butt through the opening in the back, I rub her cheeks with my knees. She can't say anything because she is not sitting normal, her butt is hanging out of the back of the seat. Most girls will sit like this for some reason.

Age: 18
Sex: Male

Date: Fri Sep 15 18:32:52 2000 GMT

Name: X

Title: Web Concert Review

there was one traumatic moment at the concert though. no wait, two. i got kicked in the head by the sneaker of someone who was crowd surfing. then, as i was jumping, some fat nerd with glasses was grabbing my ass! i thought i was just imagining it, because it's not like he was doing it really hard or anything--so i ignored it for about 40 minutes. then i turned to him, and he was smiling really big and kept whispering to his friend on the right of him. i was pissed. but i didn't do anything, instead, i just ... 442 more byte(s), click here!

Age: X
Sex: X

Date: Fri Sep 15 20:40:39 2000 GMT

Name: H Sensei

Title: trains are best

The great advantage of living in Japan is that girls don't say or do anything if you touch them on the train. Being a foreigner is an added advantage. Just last week on the way home I sat next to a cute girl. I rested my bag on my lap to hide my wandering fingers. I pressed against her waist softly and then finally left my hand against her. No outcry, anger, she didn't even get up and find another seat. I lifted the edge of her T shirt and put my hand against her skin. Still nothing. Either she was enjoyin ... 94 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 40
Sex: male

Date: Sat Sep 16 04:37:04 2000 GMT

Name: horndogg

Title: re:classrooms

as per todd's comment, I remember those type of desks. But I initially used my knee to determine her sensitivity. Then if she had a no/slow response I would reach under my desk to touch her with my fingertips/hand, very gently at first then with a more substanial caress as time passed. The best times were when a movie was shown as part of that days lesson. While the classroom was dark I could be more aggressive (sometimes using both hands). One of my better moments (memories) was study hall. I wasn't ... 2123 more byte(s), click here!

Age: ?
Sex: when available

Date: Sat Sep 16 13:29:46 2000 GMT

Name: horndogg

Title: school field trip

My class had a field trip to the science center (called the planetarium). We were all seated in a large ampitheater. I didn't realize that I sitting next to a girl (on my left) as I was too busy talking to my friends on my right. As the exhibit began the auditorium got progressively got darker much like a day progressing from twilight to evening. It was then I noticed her (Irene), I found out her name a couple of days after the event. The way the class was seated she was on the very end of the row with the ... 2517 more byte(s), click here!

Age: ?
Sex: not enough

Date: Sat Sep 16 14:11:05 2000 GMT

Name: Heather

Title: Library Group Grope

Last year I was groped in the library. It was great. I saw this cute guy, and turned into him with my breast. He jumped back, and grinned. I turned away, and he rubbed up against me. His friend came over to see what was up, and then joined in. They rubbed my ass and breasts. It was heaven. I reached down and grabbed some stiffie too. They didn't believe it. They were not that big. I do perfer a married man. Boys are too quick. Ta Ta for now. Heather

Age: 16
Sex: Yes!

Date: Sun Sep 17 03:02:54 2000 GMT

Name: horndogg

Title: testing experience

when taking sat's (otherwise known as college boards) I had another opportunity... We were in the school's cafeteria for the exam with stool type seating and I was sitting in a position simular to my library experience (back to back). Her name was Doreen, shy/volupuous etc. I had preious opportunistic experiences such as when she's walking up a flight of stairs (as she walks one can alternatingly touch each butt cheek intermittantly) and during various classes especially when a film is shown (one can car ... 1924 more byte(s), click here!

Age: ?
Sex: depends

Date: Sun Sep 17 14:11:46 2000 GMT

Name: horndogg

Title: school bus encounters

Riding the bus to school was always fun.... Keep in mind that we didn't have the yellow buses, we used the standard municipal bus system. We'd be all squished together with lots of surreptitious (and not so surreptitious) groping going on.... You could tell which was which by the level of complaints by the girls gave versus the level of noticeable activity that could take place within ones eyesight.... As the bus moves, you could see lots of hands "let go" of the provided handrails and bars with an assoc ... 2501 more byte(s), click here!

Age: ?
Sex: had some yesterday..

Date: Wed Sep 20 23:22:35 2000 GMT

Name: Business Man

Title: Asian female groper

I never did anything like stories here. But, I had been groped by a woman, really.

It was an afternoon train packed with people going home. Two asian girls were in front of me. They were talking loudly. One of them was a fair-complexioned, tall girl with big boobs. She was very beautiful. The girl stole glaces at me many times. I got nervous.

She picked up a bag which had been on the floor and turned to her friend. By this, she also turned her back to me. The round cheeks were pressed against ... 967 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 32
Sex: Male

Date: Fri Sep 22 20:44:08 2000 GMT

Name: Lissa

Title: forcefully from behind

I had felt a man's root some days ago. He stood just behind me. I felt his muscular body on my cheeks. My bottom is, though I say it myself, tender and bouncy. I meant no harm but my fleshy back caressed him. The crowdedness must be blamed. He had his root raised after few minutes. He, then, pressed his hardened part on my backside forcefully from behind.

Age: 21
Sex: F

Date: Sat Sep 23 22:50:27 2000 GMT

Name: SIE

Title: I was surprised

Time: more than 10 years ago
Place: Paris metro
She: a prim-looking business woman

I saw a young woman got off a train. She had her mini-skirt turned up. Her underwear was off from the both side exposing bum cheecks. Since everyone looked back at her, she senced it. She put the clothes in order and left hasty. She had turned crimson. What was she done? She gave full rein to my fantasy.

Age: Not young ;-C
Sex: Not many ;-C

Date: Fri Sep 29 16:21:16 2000 GMT


Title: I ...ed the young girl

I met this girl in the last evening. I know her for years. She must be 12 or 13 now. Finally, she started to have ... tits. I have been giving her sweets and pocket money.

I invited her in my house. She came in just as usual. I gave her ... whisky bonbon. Well, she is more interested in money than sweets nowadays.

We had a grown-up's chat. After that ... we were playful ... we used play innocently.

Not last evening ... with the whisky bonbon and my firm intention. I coated the bonbon wi ... 1239 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Sep 29 18:33:30 2000 GMT

Name: movie-monger

Title: midnight movie

     This is my experience about 2 years ago in a local town. I was driving a longdistance truck in those days. I went a movie hoouse after the delivery. The cinema was almost empty. It was around 1AM in the winter.

     I got a snack and a softdrink, took a seat and waited the kinky film started. A woman looked very young came to and asked me if the next seat was taken. Sure Not! I heard her name but I can not recollect it. I think it starts with M. ... 4033 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 27
Sex: Oh! Yes

Date: Tue Oct 3 17:20:58 2000 GMT

Name: ?

Title: Great Parade

When I was living in Wichita I was downtown and there was a parade for something or the other. I was about 12 years old. I stood along the street to watch the parade. I held my hands behind my back. As I stood there, a girl walked up behind me and stood very close. I backed up a bit and "bumped" my fingers into the front of her dress and she did not move. I rubbed her pussy and pushed back into her. I never got my fingers under her dress but I could feel her pussy lips as she pushed into me. She was more th ... 172 more byte(s), click here!

Age: ?
Sex: ?

Date: Sun Oct 8 16:00:33 2000 GMT

Name: horseman

Title: bar

Once in a crowded bar, waiting for the second show of a two show, small club music act. I had been drinking and had a date with a real fox, as well.
Standing next to me was a girl in a pair of grey wool slacks, that had that kind of ass that said,"RUB ME". So I did, she thought it was her boyfriend doing it. We stood there long enough for her to get into a little and she would move with my fingers. I could feel her getting damp, even thru the wool slacks. After we moved thru the line and was seated, I s ... 225 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 30
Sex: M

Date: Sun Oct 8 16:01:13 2000 GMT

Name: Jon

Title: Stadiums

I've done this in the stairways and corridors of a large college football stadium. People are jammed together, going in opposite directions.
You can look ahead, pick out a target, and as she passes, grab her tit or her pussy. Gotta be quick or your arm gets caught.

Age: .
Sex: .

Date: Sun Oct 8 16:01:42 2000 GMT

Name: TheLouse

Title: probate show

I am the king of "coppin' a feel"! In college, there has been many times where there was a tight crowd, and I always make sure I am surrounded by good-looking women. The best experience was at a the Sigma's probate show. I was in the middle of 5 ladies with nice asses and legs, and when the "new boys" arrived, the crowd got a little out of control, and I just started grabbing every female ass in the vicinity! Several asses I actually grabbed like a basketball player palms a ball! I was that obvious and wasn ... 367 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 20ish
Sex: Male

Date: Sun Oct 8 21:15:36 2000 GMT

Name: arle

Title: Disneyworld

Once in Florida, on the bus from the hotel to Disneyworld. It was crowded so my wife and I had to stand.She was behind me and a short girl with a great ass was in front of me, her husband or boyfriend in front of her. She kept pushing back against me. Of course my cock turned to wood, she was quite aware of the effect she was having on my cock as she kept moving her sweet ass from side to side against it. It fell into her crack on every stroke. If i could have felt her cunt i bet it was soaked. She acted li ... 110 more byte(s), click here!

Age: ?
Sex: Male

Date: Sun Oct 8 21:16:16 2000 GMT

Name: H sensei

Title: Lazy students are a blessing

One of the nice thing about Japanese university students is that they're lazy. This term I warned a female student that she was destined for failure. God, was she shocked and asked me to reconsider. I told her we'd discuss it on the way home. Walking to the station I impressed on her that no amount of extra work could compensate for her lack of effort during the course. She was very worried and promised that she would do anything in order to pass. I looked her in the eye and asked if she really meant anythi ... 635 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Oct 9 03:24:05 2000 GMT


Title: Lucky Day

For a long period of time only bad things happened. I was elbowed by a good looking girl in a very short skirt. She got me in the ribs a couple of times. My instep came under great pressure when a girl in heels decided to stand on my foot. The same foot was marauded by a lady with an umbrella. I had fellow mashers or ¿protectors¿ pushed me out of position or completely blocked my progress.

It was early evening and the bus stop was crowded with mostly school children. There were a bunch of young chil ... 6252 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Mon Oct 9 07:44:28 2000 GMT


Title: Concert


Age: ?
Sex: Male

Date: Tue Oct 10 16:30:06 2000 GMT


Title: The Wednesday Series

A couple of weeks had past before I saw this girl again. I came from the direction of the plaza and her back was turned to me so she did not see me come to the bus stop. Her uniform was different today. Her skirt was longer and her blouse was safely tucked inside her skirt. Her appearance was very neat. After a while she took out her brush and began brushing her hair. She fixed it in place with one of those elastic things that girls use to tie their hair. She was fumbling in her bag when she saw me. We look ... 4637 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Wed Oct 11 13:13:43 2000 GMT


Title: Still Wednesday

I didn't see her this Wednesday. I went to the movies with some friends. We were to witness a special event this Wednesday. One of my friends was supposed to get it on with a worker in the movie house. We knew she liked him and he talked about fucking her for the longest time. We gave him an ultimatum - today is the day. He was to take her to the balcony (it remained closed for the Wednesday evening movies) and do it there. Needless to say he did not fuck her. The excuse was she said they would be too noisy ... 3010 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Thu Oct 12 09:52:20 2000 GMT

Name: DDT

Title: Elevator

I was in an elevator in the court house one day and standing all the way against the back wall. A young attractive woman in a short and sheer dress got on and moved right in front of me with her back to me. The elevator was crowded and she backed up into me with her ass pressed right up to my dick. As the elevator moved, she moved side to side and back and forth just a little - just enough - and kept pushing her ass into me. Hard to get off the elevator, so to speak.

Age: ?
Sex: Male

Date: Thu Oct 12 14:46:33 2000 GMT

Name: StriDarshan


Honestly, I did not seek to become a frotteur. It was all those women who imposed it on me...ultimately there was nothing I could do but relax and enjoy it.
I was living in a certain Asian country, and every day I rode a very crowded bus to and from work. Of course, crowded public transport is the locus classicus of frottage. The women riding this bus line outnumbered the men by 2 to 1. The aisles were rather narrow and were filled with standers along both rows of seats. There was no space between them. ... 2968 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:55:08 2000 GMT

Name: jackel


Hi guys, I have been reminded of this story I am about to write since I first read this Frottage message but my story happened such a long time ago that I had to think about it some more in order to come up with enough details to tell you and not have to make anything up.
I went to a concert, I think it was sponsored by a radio station. It was held down at the central west end district of St. Louis and it was in the street. I remember I went with a friend and it was very crowded. We came up behind the cr ... 2015 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:55:39 2000 GMT

Name: Fantasyrider


Reminds me of when I was in the military overseas. The USO had brought in some entertainment and we were all standing in an open arena watching. Several of the local Asian ladies who worked on Base were trying to crowd in front of me to watch. They were very interested in the show (a couple of strippers in g-strings) and being it was very crowded I made room in front of me for a few of the cute ones to slip in. Being I was right on the front row with a rope holding the crowd back, they really had no where t ... 1033 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:55:55 2000 GMT

Name: lorax


I was at a Grateful Dead concert about 10 years ago and there was this cute girl standing in front of me wearing a skirt and halter top. With the bumping and jostling of the crowded floor we eventually wound up nuts to butts. We swayed our hips in unison to the music with my cock jammed up against her ass. She never did turn around, and I was sooo tempted to put my hands on her lovely hips. But I never did and have always regretted it. We eventually got shuffled apart and I never saw her after that. It's a ... 20 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:56:09 2000 GMT

Name: EyesWide


A few years ago I commuted on the New York City subways. On one trip home, I was leaning against a pole reading a book when a woman wearing a thin dress got on. Our eyes locked briefly--she was pretty cute--but then she turned her back to me and I went back to my book. The train got more and more crowded. Soon, her butt was jammed against my crotch. This is not unheard of on NYC subways, but it's unusual, and of course even more unusual for it to happen with a cute girl. My dick started jumping. As the trai ... 1226 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:56:29 2000 GMT

Name: MrPeeperz


I had a somewhat similar experience many years ago on teh NYC subways. I was standing with my back to a door, reading a magazine. A sort of plump brunette was standing facing me, holding on to a bar above the seat. As the train swayed, she started to sway towards me. More than the swaying of the train would seem to call for, I thought. She was rather 'full figured', and her breasts kept getting closer. So I changed the way I was holding the magazine, so it was sort of resting on my left forearm, with my lef ... 704 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:57:29 2000 GMT

Name: GIC


Anybody have experience accidentally
rubbing tits with your elbows
in a crowded pub or bus ?
Sometimes in a crowded pub, I positioned myself
such that the girls have to squeeze through myself and another
and if she is facing me, my elbows get to rub her breasts
nicely and thoroughly!


Date: Thu Oct 12 15:06:35 2000 GMT

Name: Stinky

Title: Garbage

Once I was at a Garbage concert.....I was not in the seated area but in the pit area up front.....Well personally I like Garbage and the real motive to go there was because they ROCK. But only when I got there when I realised that I was early and as the crowd poured into the pit area I could feel myself being crushed by the people as the music got harder and harder....after a while of trying to breathe I took a look around...I was surrounded by girls...front,left,right centre,diagonally left,right..just all ... 757 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 19
Sex: Male

Date: Thu Oct 12 15:07:17 2000 GMT

Name: shots

Title: beer truck

Been doing that for years. It works great with asses too and ocassionally the pussy if your subtle enough. The consistantly best situation I ever found was in college at frat parties where they would bring in a beer truck. The crowd around the truck is really tight and you can mill around pretending to be worming your way to the taps while actually finding all these tits and asses you could want. Wear the right shorts and you can have fun jamming your dick against her ass and let her feel you get hard. I've ... 280 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 15:07:57 2000 GMT

Name: flasher


Once I was ap a Spring Break concert in Daytona Beach and the crowd was leaving from around a hotel pool area. There must've been 10,000 people there....the wife was behind me, with me holding her hand, and people were crunched together so tightly it was skin against skin. This super cute girl in front of me was wearing a bikini, and as we "came together" my dick, which from moment one was getting harder, was pressed right up between her cheeks, and to make it better, I was just wearing spandex pants! As my ... 281 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Thu Oct 12 15:08:15 2000 GMT

Name: X

Title: Hottest frottage story I have ever read

Concert Frottage

"This is the true story of an experience I had which affected me and what I find exciting. It was partially responsible for inspiring me to write "Frotteur's Paradise".

My girlfriend (at the time) and I, my sister and her boyfriend (now my Brother in law) went to a concert. Because we wanted to get a good view of the band playing (Testament and Pro-Pain) we worked our way through the sea of bodies to the front of the stage. It was EXTREMELY crowded and the masses started movi ... 6870 more byte(s), click here!

Age: X
Sex: X

Date: Sat Oct 14 01:54:41 2000 GMT


Title: Another Wednesday

Where is she going? Did she move, or was she spending the evening at her friend's house? She showed up much later than usual to the bus stop. She had to run to catch the bus, hand in hand with her friend, the really good-looking one. They got to the bus just in time to squeeze in, but it was the wrong bus. They were taking the bus her friend normally takes. I figured she had changed address and I would no longer get to ride with her on our bus. I waited at the bus stop for a long time, watching the busses g ... 3304 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Mon Oct 16 13:31:03 2000 GMT


Title: A Long Wait

I could not get to her today, as there were a couple of little kids blocking me. I stood behind her with a little boy and his sister in front of me. The ride seemed longer than usual.

It's movie day again and we left quite early. We did not get to the cinema as there was some demonstration in progress and there was a big military presence. We ended up around the library were we played for a while. I excused myself to get to the bus stop on time. Today again I was blocked, and this time she was with ... 2348 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Tue Oct 17 10:57:21 2000 GMT

Name: mike

Title: Concert..

I've had hundreds of girls asses pressed against my crotch at concerts.. one o the first was a Great White show in '89, I was 16, it was great before we even got in.. the show was standing room only of course, and people in line outside were pushing to get up front, the line was probably 15 people wide and was guarded by a long wood triange barricade. i was right behind two hot blondes that looked almost identical (they were sisters), probably 15-16, with great asses and tight jeans.. i would switch between ... 1009 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 27
Sex: M

Date: Wed Oct 18 04:16:52 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Groper?

The following story is from a Japanese chikan web site.

### qoute ###

Here is a story when I was a schoolboy. I was going to an elementary school by jam-packed train every day. I noticed that my pee-pee had been bumped (to be touched?) by something at a certain station since some day or other. Well, it's crowded, so a bag or something might be bumped, I thought. And I put up with it few days. But about a week later, I guess, I felt it on my pee-pee once again as I took the train and was standi ... 916 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Oct 18 21:08:49 2000 GMT

Name: ???

Title: Found this Story


I have rubber pants are quite good. They very tight and
have hard in them. I sometimes wear them when I go
on train like now.

I put cock right inside me and move about with the
train and come off without anyone know about it. I can
wear it other way round and fuck friends! Oh, look
your clit now, it get really big." I was not surprised; this
incorrigible girl was turning me ... 30374 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 18
Sex: just kidding

Date: Sun Oct 22 01:41:10 2000 GMT

Name: ???


He spoke to her and then to Keiko. He turned to us and
smiled widely from ear to ear. Tina sat up her legs still
wide. "My father say you both very, how you say,
potent? ... and sexy. He wish to thank you both for
giving them your juice. He say Tina taste wonderful.
English girl juice seem more and thicker than
Japanese!" Her father pointed to the floor in front of
Tina where a small pool of juices had l ... 5397 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 19
Sex: Maybe

Date: Sun Oct 22 01:43:06 2000 GMT

Name: FromDownUnder

Title: Olympic

     We had Olympic here in sydney. Due to it, the large number of forgieners were in the city. They were packed in City Rail/Bus etc. I guessed this was the God given oppertunities to try something......

     She was at the corner in the rare, looking out to the window. She was a slender black woman. I thought she was an athlete, sight-seeing just before going home. Soon after the bus started I felt her on the back. Just touching at first. Gradually ... 3876 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Oct 27 18:17:22 2000 GMT

Name: filmbuff

Title: mardi gras

Ive had a few opportunities to grope and dry hump women in crowds. I'll give one now and share others later. This was during the carnival season in New Orleans. I was standing against this building trying to wait for the crowd to subside. This one couple made it through the crowd and stopped right in front of me, to get out of the way of the surging crowd. The man was in front of the woman, shieldng her from the crowd; she had her arms around his waist, and the crowd started pushing them back onto me, well ... 1420 more byte(s), click here!


Date: Sun Oct 29 18:00:40 2000 GMT

Name: X

Title: Frotteur's Paradise

Frotteur's Paradise

It had been a particularly bad day for Richard Swift. Everything that could have possibly developed into a financial disaster at the office had actually happened with destructive precision and his stress threshold was far beyond driven. Two very important business clients had announced they were taking their long established and substantial accounts to a rival firm. Those major catastrophes, along with other more minor headaches had consumed the better part of his day in effor ... 15412 more byte(s), click here!

Age: X
Sex: X

Date: Mon Oct 30 02:17:11 2000 GMT

Name: FromDownUnder

Title: An Aussie girl

     I was lucky to have second grope. She was interested in it just as the first time. Even though City Rail was not crowded as the first time, she helped me by screening it under a bulky sport bag.

     And guess what! Shew was ready for it! She didn't have bra. She had it before but stop wearing it after the first grope. She wore miniskirt and scanty panties. She stopped wearing tight jeans. She knew that I was following her the last few days and w ... 2552 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Nov 8 14:59:25 2000 GMT

Name: Sara

Title: Disney

Well I guess I'll add my adventure into the mix.
I was in line waiting in line for a ride at one of the Disney parks recently, and anyone who's experienced this madness knows how crowded it gets. I kept feeling someone bumping into me with any movement in the line. This happened over and over for about 20 minutes. Just as we entered a tunnel this person bumped into me and stayed close. I thought I'd felt a lump pressed against me and then realized what might be up. I looked to see what my husband was do ... 985 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 35
Sex: Female

Date: Tue Nov 14 21:31:50 2000 GMT

Name: annabelle

Title: Untitled

the only time something
like that has ever happened to me was a few years ago.

I was seeing this lad at the time and his idea of romance was to take me to see
a football match! it was when you still had to stand up and as it was my first
game, I had no idea how cold it could get. I was wearing a pair of thin cotton
trousers and a thin t-shirt with a bra and a little thong.

after a while, the place got a bit crowded and before long we were all packed
together like sardines ... 3537 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Nov 14 21:33:05 2000 GMT

Name: Assman


A few years ago, I was on my way to a night club. when I arrived there was such a long line and I didn't want to stick around. There were plenty of college student waiting too get inside this club since it was the only one close to the college. There were tall, short and heavy set girls wearing very tight skirts and some in tight pants as well. Just as I was about to leave the manager came out and said the club could not take anymore people inside. So I seized the moment to cut into the middle of the line c ... 1387 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Nov 14 21:33:31 2000 GMT

Name: Selene

Title: Re: An Aussie girl

Hi ya! Guess who!? It's me, the Aussie girl.
It's greate today. We met by appointment.
Jim never have me disappointment.
Ah! Jim's my boyfriend.
You guys konw him `fromdownunder'.
He teased me a lot lot in the city rail.
Iv' my pussy cussy.
I reel to my feet, hard to stand.
`can't wait ?' Jim see me with smile.
He put a small paper bag out from the pockt.
`go a loo and change undie' he opened the bag and showed me what was in.
I could see something black. Something like leat ... 2291 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 14
Sex: just started ;-)

Date: Sun Nov 19 13:12:39 2000 GMT

Name: Selene

Title: Re: An Aussie girl

Er...... Please do not believe all what I wrote here. I am now back in my home and I regret a little. You know, I was in Jim's apartment and wrote it that way to please him. It was not entirely true. I am not that all sex mania. I dont' want to be sex slave or any slave at all. Though writting it all again to give you full account must be foolish idea, you can tell fantasy from the true story, right?

Age: 14
Sex: started hesitatingly

Date: Sun Nov 19 14:12:32 2000 GMT

Name: paragon

Title: Untitled

I was fired a week ago as I was caught loafing on the job. It's not too bad. I can go to a gambling den every day. I was there yesterday too. And I won huge.

When I cashed in my chips, a woman passed by. She saw how big I won and whistled in disbelief. I chatted up the girl. She looked around-thirty, round boobs-ed, round faced, round eyed, rather fattish, light-complexioned woman.

The girl is attractive enough in outward appearances but too flirtting in talking. She losted huge that day. And ... 2775 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 22
Sex: Man

Date: Sun Nov 26 15:30:46 2000 GMT

Name: Small Cock

Title: The good old days

I have had sex almost every day since eight. The first woman was my auntie. She was nineteen at that time. Sticking the cock in and out of her did not work well. It was too short for the normal position. Mine slipped out easily. But she gave me a blow-job, a hand-job, an enema, and she finger-fucked me on my back door, inserted an instrument. I fist-fucked her in return, stuffed her hole with many many differet goods. She always mounted on me to finish. We called it playing at doctors and patients.

O ... 630 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: male

Date: Sun Dec 3 15:28:10 2000 GMT

Name: My lover & me

Title: Untitled

Father of all kinky sex

I met a sweet girl years ago.
She was a 18 years old fresher looking for a part time job.
I hired her as a waitress.

The college life was her first to live alone.
She might be naive/innocent or in strict upbringing.
She was rather unguarded.
I could date her shortly and after wine and dine, fucked her.

For my part, she was just another girl.
Fucking a waitress works.
It is cheaper as payment than bonus for faithful work.
But she mistook it ... 2241 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 21+38
Sex: F+M

Date: Tue Dec 5 14:39:07 2000 GMT

Name: Lucky Fool

Title: Nine years ago…

I started dating this girl by pure accident. I was forced to attend a frat party because it was the largest free beer event around. It promised loud music, drunken teenagers, freaks and geeks, loose women, and all in all a damn good time! The raunchiest study break ever. So I was standing there watching the idiots kill valuable brain cells wondering why the hell am I not in my apartment reverse engineering useless programs. I was suddenly drenched with a mug of beer. The assault came from above, and as I lo ... 10506 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 28
Sex: male

Date: Thu Dec 7 10:27:58 2000 GMT

Name: vasili

Title: From J. by Kenzaburo Oe

One morning, J had decided to become a chikan . . . Why had he chosen to be a chikan? J had never really given it much thought — somewhere in his heart, he was continually aware that he was not yet truly deviant. On the other hand, he realized that, when he finally found himself humiliated in the strong grip of an angry stranger, he would have no choice but to think it through. And at times, in the depths of his being, a flash of what it meant to be a chikan would rise flickering to the surface of his consc ... 3322 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 35
Sex: m

Date: Thu Dec 14 13:36:36 2000 GMT

Name: a tourist

Title: Niagara Falls

I went Niagara Falls this summer. I took a tour boat to the edge of plunge pool. It was great. It was a great sight with a roaring sound and tons after tons of spray. We all had a raincoat. Nonetheless we all got wet through. Everyone crowded on the waterfall's side. It was more crowded than morning subway.

There, I stood just behind this beamy blonde. I didn't mean it. I just happened to be there. I was pushed by the crowd. My lance was pressed against her. It just fitted into the crack between her ... 2118 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 32
Sex: macho

Date: Tue Dec 26 20:55:10 2000 GMT

Name: yatin

Title: grope....that's fun...

this is the best site n waslooking for such type of site...
the thing is ...i have a heck lot of exprience of groping...n now i'm looking for a site having such type of scenes .
tilll now been groping high school girls ,they r sexyyy...n the thing is the reaction after getting groped ,
last time had inserted my hand in the skirt of a gal .she was a girl may be of some 12 years or so...
the feelof the bare thighs is great...
n some how managed to put my finger in the panty,she was numb,

1247 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Dec 27 19:43:24 2000 GMT

Name: presser

Title: Disneyland

Once while in line for an attraction at Disneyland, I was forced close to the woman in front of me by the squeeze of the crowd. My hips were pushed from behind and I wound up grinding my cock into her ample cheeks. I apologized to her and she said to forget it that the crunch caused it and she understood. She was a soccer mom type and while not my idea of a dream girl she was cute and had a sexy smile and very nice sparkling eyes.

I couldn't get our contact out of my mind and was getting very turned ... 1720 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:15:51 2001 GMT

Name: feelinggood

Title: Untitled

One day, coming home from a meeting, in ultra-respectable business suit and tie, I was walking by a bus stop, on a busy street. There was this luscious young beauty standing with, I assumed, her boyfriend. They were talking.

Divine intervetion happened. There was a sudden power failure. Street lights and stores were suddenly black. The only illumination were the many car headlights.

I hovered around for a few minutes, blending into the crowd. As a bus pulled up, and everyone moved forward, I ... 343 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:16:53 2001 GMT

Name: bump&grind

Title: Untitled

I engaged in this practice (“frottage”) for many years on subways here in the U.S. I never used my hands but just relied on pressing my dick into women’s behinds. You’re right, after a bump or two you can tell which women wanted to play - and some women really wanted to play hard. Since my dick was pointed downward I never would come but it would twitch (or as you say, pulse) repeatedly.

A few memories: One young woman with whom I had a few encounters would actually get up on her toes so that her pu ... 2288 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:17:26 2001 GMT

Name: bump&grind

Title: Untitled

OK, you want stories, I got more. Enjoy. (But in deference to others, I'll leave out any schoolgirl stories.)

One time I was standing behind a petite blonde (very nice body) who was talking with a co-worker. You have to be careful in this situation (you don't want her to say to her friend "Eeewww, do you know what the guy behind me is doing?"), but after a brush or two it was very obvious she wanted to play. Anyway, as she started sticking her ass back, I started eavesdropping ... she was apparently ... 2129 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:17:51 2001 GMT

Name: Londoner

Title: Bus

I was getting off one of those double-decker buses in London. It was the height of the tourist season. People were being jammed in and out, they have a conductor on them.

A moderately pretty and slim American woman started trying to force her way back up the narrow stairway, just as I was coming down, she obviously had just remembered leaving something up top, maybe even her purse.

Well, as she is squeezed right next to me she reaches an impasse. People aren't moving up and they are piled up ... 1322 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Thu Jan 11 01:18:05 2001 GMT

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The case of Charles

The case of Charles

I found in an interesting article about “ Charles “ It says “……Charles was 45 when he was referred for psychiatric consultation by his parole officer following his second arrest for rubbing up against a woman in the subway. According to Charles, he had a "good" sexual relationship with his wife of 15 years when he began, 10 years ago, to touch women in the subway. A typical episode would begin with his decision to go into the subway to rub against a woman, usually in her twenties. He would select the woman as he walked into the subway station, move in behind her and wait for the train to arrive at the station. He would be wearing plastic baggie around his penis so as not to stain his pants after ejaculating while rubbing up against his victim. As riders moved on to the train, he would follow the woman he had selected. When the doors closed, he would begin to push his penis up against her buttocks, fantasizing that they were having intercourse in a normal noncoercive manner. In about half of the episodes, he would ejaculate and then go on to work. Charles estimated that he had done this about twice a week for the last ten years, and thus had probably rubbed up against approximately a thousand women...."

What do you think about Charles ?

How many women do you calculate that a groper touches in his life ?

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