re:carlos/humping orgies

Hey carlos,

Thanks for the information, plan to get as much groping done as I can whilst in venuzuala. I hear that the local women have such gorgeous looking thighs, my hard dick would love to rub and come all over them.

My favourite parts on a woman are thighs and plum buttocks with a large, cosy warm crack.

Sounds good to rent a hooker to hump on the trains, I'd go full force with the girl until she screams her legs are going to split. Its so exciting to think about it.

I shall be going to prague on a business trip first then onto venuzuala soon.

For prague got plans to do a "humping orgy" with several blonde girls, will tell you of my adventures soon.

I always like to know what a girl is feeling inside when our loaded dicks explodes into the black hole of a womans crack, any girls out there willing to give us this information ?, sounds so yum yum.

If you need any information on humping places, brothels in the UK, dont hesistate to ask me, take care happy jolly good humping.

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