Well, I am one of the passive addicts of this board for the past two years or so, one of those who love to read and dont have the time to write. I love this board though buddies. Things are changing around here, where are Vivid, Masher et.al; great stories they had....I myself have some stories to tell, but that is again left to another day......

.........as for the debate on the methodolgy for a grope, just a small tip; methinks that a good groper is one who - as the song by Kenny rogers goes - "knows when to walk away and know when to run".

I hate groping unwilling women. I feel that one should first try the "testing grope" akin to the current tester they have while they approach electric wires :))...and by Jove if she moves away or twitches uncomfortably, dont touch her with a barge pole.

WHo needs unwilling women anyway, and a load on one's conscience, when there are so many willing women ready for a fondle and a mash.

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