what to do if u are getting caught

i agree with the advices given here by chister, iron dick and the rest:

Punjabi butt humper's formulae works this way:

1. Study the crowd where you are in
2. Single girls and woman in crowd are hard to find. But if u find them, go glow to grope. find out if they like ur dick or hand in there.
3. Never force upon them
4. Watch out if someone is spying ur moves. there will always be envious gropers or spoilsports who will screw up ur fun.
5. Find a girl in a position that will give u maximum advantage and cover up
6. If girl reacts nastily be quick to apologise
7. Always carry newspaper or bag with u, so that u can hide ur humping effectively
8. If u have a friend with u, nothing like it. its a perfect coverup
9. dont look into the eyes of anyone else while u are humping. people tend to get curious of ur moves and proximity to the woman
10. use soft targets if u are a starter. girls between 14 -16 are best. they are curious and dont care much. but also identify more mature women too in the process who love to be humped.
11. dont dig in straight and hard into the crack at first instant. build up slowly
12. wear a great perfume. and a clean, fresh breath and dress well. at least u wont offend any woman like this
13. dont talk loud or try to make friends in tubes when u are in mood to hump.
14. dont make any obvious moves. understand crowd trajectory. but move swiftly when it matters
15. avoid too much of hip grabbing when u hump. coz this makes woman very scared of being in public eye
16. understand the psychology and situation of woman u are humping. if her familu is around, she will detest ur moves. so u got link relationship in crowds. so it means extra hard work ...
17. wear dark pants. and stuff tissues inside ur underpants.
18. touching is a two way thing. not one way. if person doesnt like it. u will know very soon. dont force or get into shit
19. dont think dry humping is a rape act. it needs class, finesse

punjabi butt humper

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