why do frotteurs - frotteur ??

I am overwhelmed and very much excited by the richness of information on this BBS. Most of all I've enjoyed punjabi butt humpers stories from the arab states and experiences of fellow brits such as rick merry, roti keema and nanbread.

The theories put forward by iron dick and the one and only punjabi butt humper make alot of sense, as these guys have rightly said, the smell of semen. its the smell of sex, its the natural element to reinforce human procreation instincts.

May I had that the "smell of sex" is actually caused by the release of pheromones "sexual attractants" which turn a normal man into a sex maniac. It makes him want to touch a woman to reproduce.

For frotteurs, these people have a much higher sex drive, Why do you ask ?.

Well frotteurs in their genes they "want to survive" therefore in order to survive they must reproduce, thus have offspring, have you noticed in the animal kingdom when baboons males and females jump on each other. Yes these monkeys are groping, humping one another.

You might say well they are animals, TELL ME are not animals ourselves ?, we kill, murder, wage war on each other, are we not worse then animals ?.

Naturally the frotteur is mimicking the behaviour of the baboons, jump on the girl reproduce "put my cock in between her buttocks into the gap", " I must reproduce to ensure the survival of my offspring.

This is why us frotteurs do this "we want to shove/plant/push our cocks hard into female buttocks to come inside and reproduce, pass on our genes".

Injecting our wholesome semen fluids into the womans buttocks so she may deliver offspring to ensure survival of the specis.

Its been a myth for so long that frotteurs are socially impaired and are afraid of relationships, what bullshit is this ? I am married, Ricky Merry can fuck any girl he wants yet he chooses to frotteur ?

Chister, is he socially impaired ? I think not.

I think punjabi butt humper is a smart chap and not some low IQ dim wit.

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