what to do when you get caught

My thoughts:

1. minimize the shock factor (& the damage) by doing it slowly to begin with. Let her know what you are doing, so she can stop you early on before it gets out of control. Most times when I got caught in the past, the woman just says "excuse me", or "stop it", or "what are you doing" without making a scene.

2. If she is angry, just apologize. Say something like "I am really sorry. I dont' know what came over me. Please forgive me." Most women are soft-hearted & would probably let you off the hook.

3. If cops or others get involved, it's a little more complicated. Talk to the woman only - ignore everybody else - avoid eye contact with everyone else except the woman. Apologize to her profusely. If she lets you off the hook, no one else really has any right to do anything. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience. That's why I take very easy & slow these days - it's also more enjoyable.

Good luck

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