Hi Rainbow,

I have been caught twice in the past two years, the first time was at the train station, at the time I was really really excited and kept rubbing my hand on my penis inside my trousers, unfortunately when I get a hardon, my cock gets really big and just about pokes itself through the middle of my trousers.

Anyway I was in a frenzied state and jumped right behind this good looking brunette with a short skirt and began shoving my hard cock into her crack, since I was focused on what I was doing ( the short skirt and my hard cock) I didnt notice two guys watching me from a distance who happened to be undercover, they always hang around in pair, anyway got arrested.

Second time was 2 years later, walking up and down the high street poking women with my hard on in their buttocks, again there was two undercover police who saw what I was doing and was arrested again.

These police always hang around in pairs so watch out for people like this !.

I cant afford this to happen again since I might end up in jail next time.

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