The theory of the female gap

a womans crack is like the "black hole" that exists at the centre of the universe.

the question is what lies within the "black hole" a mystery isn't it ?

similiarly what lies within the crack ? yes a question many chikan ask themselves. Naturally one is curious and wishes to find out.

Like a space ship that approaches the black hole and is suddenly drawn in by its gravitional force, a chikans hard is drawn to the females crack, closer closer closer it gets, "the female crack generates a force some kind of sexual gravitional energy that draws it closer and closer".

Until its too late, the chikans enters, his world changes, the whole of time seems to stop, the chikan feels the flow of sexual energy running through his veins his cock is on fire, time seems to be standing still, reality collapses as the chikan enters a another dimension, a sexual dimension of ultimate sexual power and pleasure. His whole world seems to explode has he comes. A feeling of what can be described as karmic sensation.

Why ? all because of the female crack, what lies within ?

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