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this bbs has gotten to be really sexciting. we have great gropers here like iron dick, rick merry, nan bread, roti keema, chister, english groper, mexican groper, rubduab, charles, dr strange, carlos, Mr T who all make this bbs so very exciting. yes , its best thing after microven invention!!:)

there are so many poets born here singing glory of the butt crack. many psychologists in the making too. my answer to some groping stigma out here is: Human chemistry is very subtle. Its not just animal. there is something beyond it. there are variables like mood, situation, ambience, occasion, physiognomy,sexual attraction, risk, courage, comfort, relationship, state of mind, upbringing etc, that all goes into concept of touching. touch is natural. humans love to be touched. we apply boundaries to this touch concept. who can touch us? how ? where? Why? all these pointers lead to very subtle concept of our being. its never the same with all people. some women enjoy being touched. while some pretend to mask their feelings. while some detest it. while some are dying to be touched.

women are naturally gifted to smell the semen. its the smell of sex, its the natural element to reinforce human procreation instincts.

Mr Sad loves to use the mask often. his natural insticts tell him to touch. while his gentleman mask falls over his moves. he is feeling trapped in between. remember touch is natural. if ur partner feels comfortable being touched, go ahead. there is nothing right or wrong. dont have to feel sad about it.

i have had occasions where i have dry humped a female and talked nicely to them , and they never felt offended, coz they loved what i did to them. i have always tried my best to remain a gentle humper. but some women want it hard and raging in their butt cracks. if u are too soft, they might just move away and seek another partner.

i have never dry humped in punjab. but had the pleasure of dry humping sexy punjabi butts in different parts of the world. punjabis are most mobile populace, and they are so beautiful, and gifted. most of the miss indias and models are punjabis.

to end the note...the discovery of a dry humping a woman's butt crack is the best thing that may happened to man kind :)))
btw, today dubai shopping festival is opening. and i will make sure that i will enough dry humping opportunities..will tell u more

punjabi butt humper

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