Question to all the chikans

I love this BBS its the best thing since the microwave oven.

I've been in the frotteur business for nearly 20 years now, done it in trains, buses even in supermarkets. In high risk situations I often get very close to a good looking woman sniff her hair and then begin masturbating in my trousers next to her. Sometimes the women turn round and stare at me. I just keep staring in one direction and continue masturbating. My bulge moving up and down in a rhythmic motion in my trousers.

I often find that some women have a sixth sense, they seem to know that your masturbating behind them, even though u are doing it discreetly.

Why is that ? does anyone know, do they smell my semen or somthing ? or sense my energies please explain.

What do you think punjabi butt humper ?

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