@The teacher who boasts about molesting a 14 year old girl

Allrounder is a teacher who is above the age of 50 and finds sexual pleasure in molesting his students and other underage girls.

Here is a story he posted back in January 2015. Here he openly says how he came against the backside of a 14 year old girl:

"This afternoon on the bus, I ejaculated against the big backside of a schoolgirl who was about 14 years old. She was wearing ribbons in her hair!

It was my first orgasm in a month! (an ailment prevented me from getting out). My tracksuit pants were a real mess afterwards, such was the volume of my cummings."

For proof scroll to the bottom at http://www.frottophilia.com/fetish/hof018.html

This guy stalks his victims on Facebook and even writes them letters describing the experience. This is some shit you would hear from a serial killer documentary. Who the fuck writes letters to women he gropes?

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