@The teacher who likes touching, molesting and cyber stalk his underage students

Consenting adults? Dude, you openly admitted to MOLESTING YOUR OWN STUDENTS.

That's a fucking crime, no matter if they consented or not. As you've stated before, you live in a tight community on your island in the Caribbean. You even wrote how you destroyed an old diary that had all your stories from 1993 to 2001 (don't know the exact time period but something similar to this) when a woman confronted you for groping her.

Also, I never started this fight. Allrounder made a petty remark regarding me and my stories so I responded back. I don't care about age tbh, but the fact he is a teacher who openly brags about molesting his students and then stalking them on social media is fucked up.

I know we're all perverts but there are certain lines you don't cross and this creep crossed them. It's one thing to hump people in raves or concerts or bars, but molesting your own fucking students? That's fucking weak.

He is delusional to think all 1500+ women and children he molested 'consented'. We'll see what the police will say about that.

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