Apologises for spamming the board with my responses to the creepy teacher who molests his underage students, but great story!

BigT, I'm guessing he is an American, probably in a state with relaxed COVID restrictions like Florida.

Also Thighsqueezer, it's alright what length you make your posts. We each have different writing styles, some like writing short stories, others like making lengthy ones. It doesn't matter at the end, choose whatever style you're most comfortable with.

Also I can relate with the difficulty of cumming only from frotting. It takes me a while to cum in frotting and sex, but sometimes you just gotta speed things up when you're frotting, so sometimes I would masturbate while groping to secure the nut. Still gives you that amazing feeling. However, at the Halloween rave I came hands free twice on my targets and it was a euphoric feeling!

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