Can we trade the creepy teacher who molests his own students (Allrounder) for Black Shogun?

1) You are mistaken. I was not the only one to write a story in October. If anyone else wanted a different Man of the Month they would've voted for you or anyone else. Also I received positive feedback from multiple people, not just one person, so I don't know what the fuck you're on about.

2) Are you dense? I always frot the normal way; grinding on girls and letting them pleasure my dick. Only in certain situations where the rave is about to abruptly end that I masturbate to speed up the nut.

3) Making friends? Why the fuck would I care about making friends with old men? I only come here to read stories and share my experiences at illegal raves. I know you're in the age range of 50 - 60 because you're a retired teacher and been posting here for over a fucking decade, telling us stories of how you molest your own students like that's supposed to be an accomplishment. Did it not occur to you that a majority of us here aren't old men and are students ourselves?

Ayashi, can we make a trade please? Let Black Shogun come back and we can get rid of this fucking mentally ill weirdo.

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