I hump my targets the normal way. Sometimes there are situations where the rave abruptly ends because these are illegal raves and they can shut down at any moment, so I speed up the process and masturbate so I can secure a nut at the end. By this time I'm already hard and have been enjoying their asses, masturbating just makes it quicker so I can leave before everyone disperses.

The first story I read from yours is when you were describing the fucking nose of one of your targets, saying how it was cute and upturn or some shit like that. You type and sound like a serial killer. And the fact you're a teacher who openly talks about molesting his own former pupils is pretty disgusting, even for this board.

And finally, when Black Shogun was spamming the picture you posted of your targets (two hideous black women), I was done reading your stuff. If anyone wants to look at the type of women armhumper targets, take a look at the Abused section (I advise you not to look if you've just eaten as they are HIDEOUS)

Stay mad, you old dirty senile cunt.

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