I think a majority of people here would prefer a story with normal frotting action instead of reading about a man in his 60's humping the shoulders of women in a dirty bus. If people don't like long stories and skip to the end, that's fine. No one complained about my other stories, only you, and that was after I pointed out you were a weirdo for groping women and your former student's shoulders.

In fact I am certain that pretty much everyone ignores your stories. When you type 'encoxada' you see images and videos of asses getting groped, not fucking shoulders. Black Shogun was right, you're a complete freak.

Also, why do you keep ignoring the fact you're a senile old man who enjoys humping the shoulders of his former pupils? I was shocked how you openly mentioned this to us, thinking we would be impressed. Did you forget that not everyone here is 60 years old like you? I wasn't even born when you were in your 30's you weirdo.

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