It's clear you kiss up to BigT because he's the only one who supports your weird stories of you humping women's shoulders in some third world caribbean country. This board has been dry because of COVID and no one really comes hear to read stories about old men in their 60's humping the shoulders of his students (I know we're all perverts here but the fact you're 60 and humping shoulders of young girls who were your former students is beyond creepy and disturbing).

I congratulate BigT and anyone else who has success in illegal raves, but there was no need for you to take a quick swipe at me at your post. If you're going to continue talking shit then I have no problem keeping my stories to myself or sharing them elsewhere and everyone else will have the pleasure of just reading your weird stories of you describing the facial features of your young targets like William Shakespeare.

Please keep in mind the majority of us are teenagers/young men whereas you're over 60 and trying to cause shit.

Creepy, disgusting old man. I thought you of all people would be hiding inside trying not to get COVID, isn't it lethal to old people such as yourself?

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