Lmao @rounder / Florida

I believe that guy is black shogun from the UK.
He use to type oooooohhhhh ahhhhhhhhh and always wrote about how he would chew white girls hair and sniff it while frotting them like an animal and Nutting in their "pootie cracks" 不不不不不 lmmfaoooooo.
I kind of wonder if he was really a white dude with personality disorder that secretly wished he was black and role-played in his mind while he was chikaning that he was a caveman like rough black man while he worked on his targets. Lmao

He would say off the wall corny shit and post odd structured stories but I atleast give it that he always had stories/content to add on to the forum.

As for Florida there's been several states where they've been reopened to certain extents since the summer time.
Places like Cali and New York have just been the ones suffering the worse and most strictest since the bullshitodemic.

I remember not so long ago when I was in Florida being in line behind this cute sexy Carrigan and asian girl waiting to get into a night club and copping feels on her small but round plump ass as we spewed small chitchat waiting to get in.
Can't wait til the club scene fully opens back in Florida, I've plenty of times have whipped it out and got some bare action while bitches were sober and said absolutely NOTHING.
The demographics were college student range by the way.

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