Checking in

Y’all are some real perverts who seem to be taking advantage of women rumps while humping them.

To Chikan Expert and everyone else who thinks they are handsome, no you guys are not. That’s why you guys engage in random humping of strangers. You release your shot quicker than anyone on this board. LOL

All Rounder needs to stop humping arms and start humping some booty like a man.

Why you taking break for? I thought you say Trinidad is easy for you. Did the authorities start comin to look for you with those strange letters you send the women. They must have chased you off that bus. Got to pack up those bags and be in hiding. No white girl want you so stay away from USA. Enjoy your Aunt Mamies!

Where nicca T at?

Big Foot Bum needs a big foot up his bum. Hahaha

Also, I humped 1000 women over my long career and y’all never appreciated it. I was a hall of famer and kept the board lively. Man of the month constantly.

Y’all would miss my stories. I was active so long as a member and no respect. You all need help but me I will go back to my women and active social life.

I don’t need to hump the white girl booth holes when I could enjoy my way with them in a room together.

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