That's incorrect All Rounder

Black Shogun understood very well who owns the site. He only wished for him to act like it. All the time. Just look at what he said. Even pleading for action! So stop trying to twist the narrative. And just look at yourself. Doing what you always do. Incessant arguing around and around and around about nothing! Being baited time and again. It's like you can't help yourself. And if you make a small mistake you think you have to make yet another post correcting what you just said. SMDH! Like we care! And anybody who disagrees with you must be Black Shogun. Right? So go ahead and call me that next! Here it comes! It's as if you think you own the site. Well you don't, and we're tired of all of your arguing! Stop all the fighting so that we can enjoy the board for a change! All you do is argue, argue, argue! Why don't you take a powder until you can come here and stop arguing all of the time about every little thing? Geesh! Please give it a rest! I want to read about chikan!

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