Re: Arm Humper

Why so cross and accusatory mate? I thought we were doing so well, and that the rate matter had been resolved on a positive note. So why do you sarcastically raise it again now? I mean after all, it was you yourself who said that 11 out of 22 was a better rate than 10 out of 20, when in fact both = 50% no? So, it would seem that the obvious needed to be pointed out to you then, at least for some clarification. And then of course, you so politely explained that it was more about the total tally, which is something a bit different than the rate no? Although, I don't see how a total of 11 is all that much better than a total of 10. And as for being on/off topic, why not just acknowledge and strive to stay more on topic from here on out, and/or simply remember to post in the appropriate sections? Please don't take these gentle criticisms as personal attacks. They are not meant to be cruel. Can't we all just get along and enjoy? A good morrow to you wherever you may be Arm Humper! Cheers!

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