Guest Sara

Ow my feelings are hurt. :( LOL which female would lurk on this site unless they are not intrigued by these types of action and stories?

I am not being paranoid but why defend Shogun unless you are not Shogun?

Does the weak and helpless metaphorically mean Shogun being stood up to by the members of this board calling him out as a bully?

There's no reason why you cant do both. I dont believe half of what these people tell me but if Guestz says hes married with kids and still does this than hes an example.

Hmmm questions to be answered.

It's very hard to find this board unless you are searching up "terms".

Sometimes I do that approach not guest from abuse section but either I get too shy and cant continue the conversation enough or they find out I am a jerk (some responses from school days.)

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