Re: Red Dragon - Arm Humper Respectful???

Arm Humper calling somebody a rapist, and it being allowed to stand on the main board . . . that's reeaaaallllll respectful isn't it . . . and you say he's always been respectful?? That's just ONE egregious example. All anybody has to do is go look at plenty of his posts, and it's EASY to see that's not true. And Ayashi protected his shit!

It's just your "not-so-secret" secret grudge shining through brightly . . . just like I said you've held from way back . . . as Black Helmet who wanted to come in here and talk ad nauseam about flashing. Then you got all pissy when nobody wanted to hear it, and your reception fell flat. Same old bullshit!

People can write the most abusive things about me (but OH they're always SO respectful about it aren't they?), and if I respond and defend myself (let them be pilloried in the court of public opinion!), then I'm the villain. You're FULL OF BIASED SHIT just like the rest!

Black Shogun!!!

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