Like I said "Eric"

Who the hell are you to be telling me what to do? What have you accomplished?? What have you done??? The answer is NOTHING! Other than passing judgment on "gradations of perversion" LOLOLOL!!! And let me get this straight. So you can talk shit about a group of women, but because you would still hump them that somehow makes it OK what you said about them? Do you know how stupid and ignorant that sounds?? And not only that, it's OK for somebody to use what YOU said to attack ME??? Again . . . that's BULLSHIT! And at the end of the day, it's Ayashi's doing because HE allows it to happen on HIS site!

And I'm not here to "align" myself with anybody, least of all the likes of you (that got a big laugh!) or Red Dragon, who I see wants to start shooting his big mouth off again because he thinks somebody can't say something back to him. And do you think I care about my "reputation" in a place like this??? Again LAUGHABLE. HAHAHAHA! There is no honor among thieves! I only wanted to tell my stories in peace without being ABUSED from every quarter! Went to Ayashi about it looooong ago before most anybody here now knew of this place, and he did jack shit as the "moderator" about it . . . "let them be pilloried in the court of public opinion" he said . . . OK, so what's the problem then??? If them's the rules, then them's the rules! Wild, wild west!

I'll tell you what. Put up with 18 years of abuse, THEN come talk some shit to me. THEN you'll know what happened. If somebody let's their best contributors get treated like shit, that proves they have no respect for what they've contributed to their site. Walk a mile in another man's shoes. But until then SHUT THE FUCK UP and stick it up your ass! Again like I said . . . EFF YOU, ARM HUMPER AAAANNNNNND AYASHI too! He ain't God and has acted with incredible bias over the years! If Arm Humper had thanked him for acting on something, he would NOT have done the same thing. I know this much. This site is shit and soon will be going back into the doldrums where its been before, especially with so little opportunity now. Nothing interesting, nothing good. FUCK IT!

Black Shogun!!!

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