Black Shogun Replied

“Personal abuse is no substitute for intelligent argument. Using foul and abusive language doesn't make the case any stronger.”

Exactly what this says, Black Shogun. Understand this properly.

It’s funny how you attack Ayashi for “running a board for perverts” when you are the biggest pervert.
He only told you and Arm Humper to shut up! Y’all spamming his shit with unneeded information. You don’t do any throwback stories nor did you share any recent stories of when you were bullied into coming out of retirement from a “Guest”.

You even used to say “chikan for life” “ once a chikan, always a chikan”. There’s a reason why you are semi retired or did you say you were coming out of retirement again?

Oh and fuck you too!

Respect is not given, it’s earned

Respect yourself and others will respect you.

I did say all those stuff about black women but I never said I wouldn’t chikan them. I said I chikan only one black girl so far! You put them down constantly and say you wouldn’t chikan them! Don’t lie now.

When did you go from one of the best story writers on this board to this lame and insecured man? You made many people be inspired to get into this and yet you are the one bringing down your own reputation on this board.

You try to align yourself with Guestz, Red Dragon , Bad Boy, Blaze, Freddy and even myself. But It’s not working, instead of worrying about other people contributions on this board, worry about your own.

You always brag about online awards but when was the last time you won one? 10 years ago?

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