I THANKED you for doing something right on the board! Then you turned around and insulted me! You DON'T manage your site Ayashi and have allowed A-holes like Arm Humper to get away with bloody murder forever! He spent the last several months attacking me with his shifty, snide remarks and you know it (paranoia my ass!). And if I respond, then you make it about me?! There would be none of this if you would MODERATE the board and deal with instigators as they come! But you don't, and the whole last scene with Arm Humper and Eric was the kind of absolute classic bullshit found on this site!

As I described, "Eric" writes a message in which he essentially calls black women fat, mouthy, and loud. He's not a registered member of the site, so the only way his message can appear is if it's approved by you the webmaster first before it can be posted. You reviewed the message and posted it, slights and all, probably because it also included attacks against me (that's always OK!). Then Arm Humper, the "defender of black women", uses what ERIC said about black women to attack me! And then everybody celebrates and congratulates each other over a job well done! And you just stand by and condone it! Really??? Again pure grade BULLSHIT!!!

NO, I'm NOT going to "shut up" and be treated like shit by you or anybody else who decides they want to have a go! The hell with your site! And so yeah a final play out of ARM HUMPER'S playbook . . . you DID spell "board" wrong ASSHOLE! LOL!

Black Shogun!!!

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