Ayashi, thank you for saying something about this ridiculous fight between BS and AH. I have to admit I almost fell off my seat laughing when you said "In short, shut up or leave the board." Then BS starts thanking you and then you came back with "I said shut up." Then BS comes back with some sheepish reply..."I have been subjected to abuse on your site for EIGHTEEN YEARS . . . Respect . . . if you want me to shut up . . . then please make sure I get some too." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL......as if people are supposed to feel sorry for him after he for 18 YEARS acted like he owns this board, polices the board, brags about things no one cares about, puts other's down, etc..... Was beautiful to see. Hopefully this is the end of their foolish fight. If not, then maybe one or both will do us all a favor and leave the board for good. I'm sure the rest of us will be fine without them.

"I said shut up." Lolololololol

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