This is how knee-deep the bullshit is on this site. "Eric" writes a message in which he essentially calls black women fat, mouthy, and loud. He's not a registered member of the site, so his message has to be approved by the webmaster first before it can be posted. Ayashi reviews the message and posts it, slights and all, probably because it also included attacks against me (that's all OK!). Then Arm Humper, the "defender of black women", uses what ERIC said about black women to attack me! And then everybody congratulates each other! Really??? Uhhh what a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! NO, I'm NOT going to "shut up" to that . . . FUCK YOU AYASHI . . . let's see if you put this on the abuse board too dickhead. I see how you don't like to when certain posts call you out for being the PRICK that you are!

Black Shogun!!!
Don't stand for NOBODY'S bullshit
Calling names just as I see 'um

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