Here, Here we go again!!!

Uh oh . . . uh oh . . . "another member" misspelled yet another word! Oh yes he did! Can you see it???

Arm Humper: "Exposing untruths about 'early morning groginess'." He must have been experiencing a little early evening "GROG" . . . because it's spelled GROGGINESS . . . a little SLIP of the fingers have we??? Mr. "using words and phrases that I know and understand." Tried to hide it, but NO you got caught! If he knew he would have gotten such a simple thing right the first time! Feeling the pain of your current humiliating defeat??? I know . . . gotta be hard for a "prod" black man . . . . you been gettin' it wrong since 1992!!! BLOW THE WHISTLE . . . DINNEEEEER TIIIIIIIIME.

Black Shogun!!!
The REAL Educated Deal
Didn't go to Michigan but read the study findings

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