I didn’t feel like posting this on the main board and sorry to whomever I offend with my rant. Just want to get some frustrations out!

The chinese fucking ruined encoxada in 2020. Gosh dang it!! Everything was supposed to be going good this summer, crowded buses, crowded festivals and crowded concerts! Instead no, the Chinese government decided to keep this a secret and didn’t accept help in decreasing the affects of the coronavirus from other countries. The Chinese government rather isolate Wuhan from the rest of China and keep in bound and outbound travel into Wuhan. This caused it to spread! This stupid Chinese lady health minister in Canada didn’t even close the borders on time to lessen the spread here. Trudeau is incapable of making good decisions by himself !! Why would you send an airplane to go receive stranded Canadians in the epicentre of Wuhan China in the beginning stage! Who cares about them, let them by treated with the Chinese medical facilities. Nobody watched them to see if they were obeying self isolation 14 days. They could have walked the streets and spread the virus! I don’t care about if it came from a lab or if a Chinese eat a bat, I wanted to frot like everyone else here on this board. Everything is cancelled due to this virus! The vaccine is difficult to find due to the ever growing problem.

I wasted 1 year with no encoxda! Gosh dang it!

Now there’s an potential for another god damn virus coming from China! China is wilding. What are y’all really doing! Follow what the Indians are doing. India is the most cleanest people as they never bringed any viruses to the world. Stop being so secretive and nasty, China! First people accuse y’all of eating dogs, now bats!! I never eat China food, always loved Carribean food.

Anyways I am very sorry for my rant, Master Ayashi! I hope you appreciate that I followed board rules and posted in abuse section.

I’m just fucking mad! I could have been balls deep in many girls asses but now I’m just on dating apps looking for match!

#encoxdamatter #bringbackfrotting

Anonymously Posted: Guest

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