My first three attempts in movie theater

Guys, I usually like touching girls in concerts, just want to hear your opinions on groping women during the movie in a movie theater.I tested waters three times and found it risky. Location: Toronto

First attempt: It was at Star Wars 3D, had to pick a specific seat at Cineplex, I sat next to a lady in her late 40's, she's on my left, and on her left is her husband. In the middle of the movie, her husband got up, trying to walk past me to go to the washroom, I pretended to move my legs, and let my hand wonder on that lady's leg, while her husband's couldn't see. Afterwards I removed my hand, she took a look at my hand, tried to cover her legs with her coat, then as her husband came back, she moved to her husband's seat away from me.

Second attempt: It was Little Women, I tried to come in late, hoping to find a seat in the back between two women, but unfortunately I ran into an old handicapped woman with a cane who rudely offered to move herself along with her caretaker (an attractive young Asian girl) to fill up the empty seat. I didn't want sit next to her, so I moved to another row next to another woman in her probably late 30's, with her boyfriend/husband. That boyfriend kept touching her leg, and there's an annoying arm rest, and I slowly moved my arm across the arm rest, leaning my arm against hers, I could feel her breathing, this lasted till the end of the movie. It's ok.

Third attempt: I picked a Kids movie: Spies in Disguise, hoping to find a young girl on a Saturday evening, unfortunately the theater wasn't full when the movie almost started. I said to myself, FUCK Will Smith, I'm out of here, and walked out. Then I checked out Cats, not quite full, Jumanji had a lot of people, but I saw it already. Eventually I chose Bombshell. I walked in a bit earlier and sat on the fourth row next to an old lady in her 50's, was quite disappointed, I wasn't interested in her. On my left was an empty seat. Just before the movie started, a family of three walked in, the mother, an Asian milf sat next to me, while her husband and son sat on a another row, cos it's packed, so she's alone with me. Apparently she's a little sick, coughed a little, and used her big coat to covering her legs, I also covered my hands with my coat. Leaning my body away from the arm rest between me and the milf, I was able to put my arm under it. I approached her leg with my fingers very gently, until I had two fingers resting comfortably against her leg, feeling her body heat. I knew that she didn't notice being touched, then I tried to put four fingers on her leg, she noticed something and tried to see what's going on, but her coat covered everything, then I went back to three fingers resting next to her leg, later on, I moved my hand further back, poking her ass with two fingers, she noticed, probably thought someone kicked her backseat. All of this was fun, but at some point, my other hand touched the leg of that old lady on the other side, probably for like 2 seconds, to my surprised, she turned to me, and punched me, saying "what the hell are you doing?", that punch didn't even hurt, then she whispered to her husband, an old guy, "that guy's touching my leg", later on the guy asked "is he still touching you", she replied "now he's not", this got me scared, not because of the old lady, but I didn't want her to yell at me after, getting the Asian milf's attention, she could be a very dangerous witness, I don't like two women working up a case against me. I brought out my cellphone, trying to call myself, and use that as an excuse to get out of there, but then I thought leaving early would just prove my guilt. As the movie ended, I immediately got up and walked past the Asian milf, totally ignoring that old lady, not even looking back, then as I walked out of auditorium I started walking really fast and got the hell of there. I was sweating...

Anyway, I think next time I will just sit on the edge next to one woman, much easier to get away.

Any opinions/stories/techniques you guys want to share?

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