While I concede that the majority of my public transport attempts are (unfortunately) unsuccessful, the simply delicious successful ones are most definitely consensual - yes honestly! I'm genuinely not "deluded" in saying this.

Last night for example, I had two separate incidents of super-clear and consensual frotting. Both were teens who were wearing tight, thin-materialed jeans that deliberately showed off round, pert buttocks - with the thin fabric going fully up in between their butt cracks. I brushed the back of my hand against their butts - and got no reaction!

Anyone knows that you can INSTANTLY feel when your ass is brushed against when you're in a crowd. A woman who's not keen will immediately move her body clear, and yes even in the tightest of spaces. However, both of these totally unconnected teens last night stayed put after sneaking a side-look at me.

After my initial "testing the waters" incredibly soft, accidentally-on-purpose touch, I very soon ended up with the knuckles of my right hand jammed right up in between their ass-cheek. Actually both of these teens were sort of sitting down on my knuckles, despite the fact that we were standing up. Very very arousing, and great practise for me in the long run-up to the return of better weather.

When this sort of thing has happened in the past I've quite often noticed that they'll quickly look back at me as they leave the train. Their faces are often flushed, in a nice way. A few have even smiled at me; they have sometimes looked slightly embarrassed but definitely not angry or inconvenienced in any way.

I love this stuff.

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