@ Arm Humper: allrounder - Re; Proof

This is a rant. Skip if You're looking for a story.

I Read your story Allrounder. I disprove. I think you are disgusting and you should get caught. I think that when you do get caught you get slapped with a hefty punishment.

Now... Why am i saying this?

I am saying this for the same reason you DON'T SELL DRUGS TO KIDS.

To black shogun, Narflaf, Red Dragon and the rest. I would say that you guys are pioneers, real forerunners in this game and as such you guys should set some rules. IF YOU ARE BEHIND A FEMALE AND SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE BOTHERED THEN MOVE ON.
This is the reason why cops are on the up and up. Cuz y'all are fucking up the game. this is the reason why concerts change... one year ever female was in spandex, next they all had bags and various barriers to protect their derriere. Noww sure.. there are levels and spectrum's to this shit but C'mon. Set some fucking rules and stick to it and burn those who don't. Every Illegal activity has a set of ground rules... items that thieves [so to speak] agree to abide by. Yet you guys are just.... Animals.

I wanna go back to post 2004/2008 when this board was in its golden age. When "Testing the waters" was a thing. When frotters was polite about and cared to nut in their pants rather than ruin the clothes of their target. Not that we cared about the clothes... but about the next guy that who may wanna slide in between them cheeks. But yea, No honor among thieves.

I also blame you to Ayashi.. For glorifying these assholes. But.. you are just a passive observer. The man who steers the boat. Well fuck you too. Sink this damn Ship and take the scum with you. I haven't forgotten the days when child porn was posted on this board or real rape stories with pics was getting posted up and you did nothing. Not a goddamn thing.

What ever man... you guys are just gonna go back to being animals anyway, and ayashi aint gonna moderate the board. So its whatever. But if you read this and you cared, please act accordingly. IF you see something and it is intrinsically feels wrong, or you think someone might be in trouble... Step up. Don't let your hunting ground get destroyed by these animals.

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