I Liked It When They Didn't Like It

Several times last weekend, some women showed open annoyance and/or anger at my stiff dick/finger prodding them between the booty cheeks. Twice, women turned around and gave me a "mad" look when they felt my stiff dick in their ass cracks. But each time, they really didn't move away. I just remained straight-faced. There was one girl who was walking in front of me, and I stuck my index finger into her gap . . . between her buttcheeks. She looked back at me, then put a hand behind her over her butt to protect her anal cavity from Mr. Stink Finger!

But the best was this east Indian girl. She had the nicest bubble butt of the night. She was dancing with a female friend and her boyfriend. All were Indian. I got behind her and began to scrub my big boner against her bubble buttcheeks. That went on a few minutes before she realized something was against her buttocks. She turned and saw me humping her and went, "Eeeewww!" She then moved quickly away. The Shogun took great pleasure in her expression of disgust and her resulting flight.

Black Shogun

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