There you go again

Attributing the things that other people do and say to me. I have never said I like it when they do not, and I challenge you right now to produce the post where I said that. You can't, because I never said it. My name is BLACK SHOGUN, and not BLACK HELMET a.k.a RED DRAGON (and many others).

What I have said is that I don't care whether they like it or not as I am skilled and crafty enough to achieve my chikan butt fuck nuts without the girl realizing exactly what I'm doing, not until it's too late. Now in many of my stories the girls do know and even showed that they liked it, or at least did not care. But that's because I write not of the ordinary, but of the extraordinary. The absolute very best of my experiences over the years, and there have been so many. The very best out of thousands of attempts, with most of those being successful, but not necessarily extraordinary. I write of the extraordinary.

The situation with women here is what it is. Many do not come here. But, the bottom line is that women do not like you. This is why you are unable to obtain regular normal sex, and therefore why you must settle for rubbing your "self" upon the appendages of unattractive women on the bus. You don't know how to approach and interact with women, let alone a pretty one. I'll never forget when one female visitor long ago called you "the weirdest one here". This is how women see you (creepy weird wanting to rub on their backs!), and why you have become none other than . . . the "Arm Humper" a.k.a NO pussy!

Black Shogun!!!

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