Black Shogun

Hey Shogun,

You still comment but let me tell you something even though you are a legend. You don't got it anymore. It's embarrassing when you try to flirt with femaleguest. And all the supposedly rather be having sexual intercourse rather than frotteriousm. Stop that. Admit it you can keep up with the active gropers like femaleguest(love the story with Asian dude), red dragon(keep flashing), allrounder(keep telling dem stories, has a women ever rejected your advances with the arm humping where it led to trouble?), Eric(damn dude lucky who got to experience so much groping, stay active), Narflarf(whens the next video dropping, also are you the trendychikan or chikan123 on websites). And others keeping grinding and groping!

But shogun I thought you mentioned living the fuller life of chikaning. I challenge you to 1 more groping venture where you have to detail it on here. Be a man or are you washed up? I guess with this post, I may be referred to as the booty humping legend killer chikan.

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