GOAT Narcissism

The narcissists supreme are the ones to whom some would accord the greatest accolades. Those who would record their naked penis rubbing and cumming on girls . . . the confetti falling from the ceiling and sticking to the gooey sperm that hangs from their thin female clothing. Yes . . . these are the narcissists supreme.

For certain, this is currently the ultimate narcissism of the game! And those who produce such goods had better hope the footage can never be linked directly and personally to them. Because if and when it is, as I said, they are going to be the real "goat" of the show then . . . from where they sit behind bars in a "pin-striped suit". See what people think about you then. Including people right here . . . your "nice" and "esteemed" colleagues. "GOAT" will take on a whole new meaning!

Now, Narflarf has already been apprehended at least once. People seem to conveniently overlook that. Mostly because they don't give a shit about what happens to him LOL (the cold, unadulterated truth)! And that's just what he told us about. He dropped his spy camera to the ground and crushed it in the hopes of destroying the evidence. Security told him to get the fuck out of there before they beat his ass into the ground! Nigga raaaaan like his last name was Bolt HAHAHAHA! I woulda ran!

Now I TOLD him he was taking too many risks! There is no need to be proving jack shit to anybody here! Who are they to you? Or you to them? When he started doing it again, I said man you don't have to do this! Don't risk yourself for some asshole who would discard you like ass wipe flushed down the toilet! Don't do it. Are ANY of these motherfuckers gonna pay your fees and/or assist you in anyway if you find serious trouble??? The answer is NO! What they will do is turn right around against you and call you a dumb ass, and you're on your own.

I always tell people that if you are not into chikan, then don't start! And if you do start, then try to stop it. An for Christ's sake don't record it! But if you do . . . and that shit is good? Then ahma watch that shit too like everybody else LOL! I told you not to do it, but if you do and get caught out . . . then just it's gonna be what it's gonna be . . . ugly!

Chikans be careful out there. Do you jobs . . . be safe . . . don't get caught with your dicks out . . . and ESPECIALLY on video! Dayum!

Black Shogun!!!

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