That’s Not Nice

Arm Humper IS NOT a nice guy. He rubs his dick on womens shoulders remember??? The history goes way back before many of you were even here. Arrogant and dismissive and he’s so smart, but said the absolute most stupid and just plain ignorant things, giving bad advice! All he does year after year is just snipe, snipe, snipe. NOTHING nice about him and deserves to be humiliated and humbled for his behavior.

I remember one time he had the stupidity to state that “silence equals consent”. In other words, if you perpetrate a crime and your victim says nothing while you do it, then they have consented to your actions! Now how fucking stupid is that? Excuse me Miss, I know I had my dick in your ass (or rather on your shoulder), but you said nothing about it. Therefore, I am protected by law. And thanks for the nut”! Yeah, tell it to the judge buddy and see how far you get. It is go straight to jail!

Nothing nice about him. A dumb ass, arrogant, nit picky, obsessive, conniving WEIRD prick who should be shut down immediately every time he starts some shit. Nobody else will do it or deal with any other moron. You are all happy to sit back and let me take the heat because “you don’t want to be involved”. Ayashi allows it to be the “wild, wild West”, so be it!

Black Shogun!!!

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