That means a lot coming from some nameless, useless “Guest”! Nobody here has got to go out of their way taking risks to prove shit to anybody else here! At the end of the day, who the fuck is anybody here to anybody else? Now when they arrest your filming ass and use your videos as evidence against you, then you sure as hell are going to be the “goat” then aren’t you? And which one of the assholes in here do you think is going to bail you out, pay your legal fees, and make sure you get the best defense and deal possible? Not a got damn one! Oh, no wait a minute! “Guest” who thinks you are so great will do it! LOL!

NO! The biggest narcissists of them all are the guys who video their shit and put the evidence all over the internet for the whole world to see. THAT is narcissism my friends! I keep telling guys not to take those risks to prove a damn thing to anybody here. But if you gonna do it anyway, then have at it! And if and when apprehended, see who is in your corner then. You are gonna be called a dumb ass “goat” of the show for doing what you did.

Black Shogun!!!

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