Hello everyone,

I don't know why I still come here but geez a lot of drama and less stories. Who cares about race? I gotta take Shogun on taking pretty girls to hump. I bet if a colored girl petite with nice buns came along we would all take a chance on it. Same goes for hot white girls.

Allrouder probably thought the fat aunty girl had a nice shoulder to hump. I think some dudes find it hot when girls are submissive in some sense. Maybe if you stopped listening to shogun insults and firing back at him he will stop bothering you? I would tell him to stop insulting you however he will probably just continue ranting. Shogun I do respect how you don't give a FU*K.

Everyone writes good stories here. Quit arguing. Whether it's good stories or videos it's pretty much good to share. StiddyFrizzy looking forward to stories from you. Where the boy SeniorHshumper at? Could not enjoy my hs graduation summer in Canada with dem white girls cheeks to bust a nut on. However I am excited to see if I can bust a nut on a hot Indian or black girl in the Caribbean country I am vacationing in.

Guestz didn't know you were from the same city I am from. Read your previous posts.

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