You'll never be on Narflarf's level

Please don't compare yourself to Narflarf.

The difference between you two is that

1) Narflarf actually backs up his stories with video/picture evidence
2) He doesn't bullshit his stories
3) He's an actual likeable guy

Shogun you're a fucking crazy weirdo and no one on this board respects you, sorry to tell you buddy. Armhumper is weird but he's much better than you, he doesn't spam this forum nor does he have any mental illness. All you do is brag brag brag and go on rampages, and then you get surprised when NO ONE believes in your BULLSHIT make belief stories. It's funny how you have so many stories and never even taken one video, not even a picture!

You're a fraud, stop acting like this board needs you. As you've said, you're retired, so let the people who are still active post their stories and pictures/videos in peace. It gets annoying when you keep butting into every situation thinking people care what you have to think.

Go take your fucking meds you lunatic.

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