Narlarf the GOAT?

I liked Narflarf's videos immediately because I could see that he put to video . . . some stuff that I wrote that I did . . . the words came to life. He even posted a video of humping a girl with a book bag . . . just like I said you could, cuz I did that!

One difference is that I think Narlarf tends to jerk off to completion more, whereas I like to butt fuck and hump till I nut. Well, when I was still in the game. I've had my dick so deep up in some college white girl's butt crack in a crowded bar that even I couldn't believe it! Still gotta jerk off behind that shit to this very day! Oh, was that TMI???

Narflarf's videos are indeed top notch and the GOAT for this particular site. But, there was another site called ForoChikan that had guys from all over Latin America who were every bit as good or better (many with superior filming technique in living color with perfect sound, etc.), especially the ones from Mexico and Brazil. That used to be my favorite chikan site and was the best one ever. But then some asshole posted kiddie porn and the site got shut down! I keep surfing the net looking for another ForoChikan-like site (in Spanish) to come along, but so far no dice!

The other thing I liked about that site was that it wasn't the "wild, wild west" like here. EVERYBODY had to register a handle and provide some basic background info (but nothing too personal). Plus pay a small membership fee. Anybody get out of line and want to start some shit, they could be banned immediately! That helped maintain decorum and gave any trouble-making, harassing assholes the boot! I was a member in good standing and did not have to put up with ANY of the bullshit that goes on here. I know active moderation requires more work, but it's worth it in order to allow EVERYBODY to enjoy a site and remove anybody who only wants to start some shit with other people. I've always only wanted to write/read about chikan . . . but I'm not going to take any shit from anybody while I do it.

Black Shogun!!!

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