On Narflarf

Narflarf has been an outstanding contributor and has EARNED his standing here. There has been nobody good with staying power who has come along since he did. And that's been a good while now! What, a few years? Time flies. I have respect only for those who have earned their place! Not for bullshit!

That said, writing is not his strong suit. A storyteller Narflarf is not. I know that. He knows that. Everybody knows that. But it doesn't matter. We all have different strengths. His is making videos. Mine is writing . . . storytelling . . . which is the foundation of this place.

So all you motherfuckers just better remember . . . a good screenplay (WRITING) always comes before and forms the basis for any good movie. ALWAYS! Know this. Narflarf and I could make an excellent production team. I put the true story vividly to paper. This is what happened. I was out there COONIN' dawg and dicked that white girl straight deeeeeead up the pooty pocket! NUTTED even! I sure did! Now you go out and you do it too just like I did . . . just like I wrote it . . . only you put that shit on video (based on a true story LOL)!

That's right! Storytelling and making movies/videos have always gone hand-in-hand together.

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