I don't think so!

No, I cared about relating my stories, which is what the heart and soul of the board is about. That's what I cared about. And that's what I did. And damn good too! Nobody has done that better. NOBODY! And I'm entitled to come here and be free of harassment from a mentally unstable, weirdo FREAK like Arm Humper. The best way to deal with him is to shut his shit down! Hurt his little feelings and he skulks away . . . jerkin' off in his room over Aunt Jemimah . . . until he works up the nerve to come back again for some more.

And I don't give a rat's ass what you or anybody else believes! You dig? I'm not here to convince anybody of shit! You see, it's like I've always said. Hardcore chikans . . . REAL chikans . . . they know the truth! Plenty of stuff I wrote about some asshole swore up and down could not possibly be true. And then somebody comes out with a video showing the exact same damn shit I said! Maybe you got one too?! Let's see it since you so big and bad chikan! You do 100's of hoes a week! And when they nab your ass, your videos will be the proof LOL!

And ya got damn right I care about the site! And nothing pisses me off more than some big mouth nigga going on about what he's gonna do and what he don't give a shit about when he's done absolutely NOTHING of substance here . . . NOTHING . . . but talk a bunch of shit! And let me just state for the record. I have NEVER put any group of women down because of their race. But, I do calls it as I sees it, and as the FACTS support. Arm Humper's "desirables" (his OWN photos) are BLACK (undisputed)and UGLY (by most people's standards). But, they aren't ugly JUST BECAUSE they are black . . . they are ugly because they ARE. Big difference. And if that makes you mad . . . TOO BAD . . . read 'um and weep! Cause I will keep on callin' it as I see it. Believe me.

Black Shogun!!!

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