Excuse Me

But you don’t see me ever bashing black women or going on and on about how I like white women or whoever over black women. The ones just doing that were Guestz, Narflarf, and Guest54. And Red Dragon does it a lot. Not me! I’m tired of motherfuckers always trying to single me out for shit that other people are doing that I don’t even engage in. No, what I oppose is the UGLY, and I don’t care what the color is. His bitches aren’t ugly because they’re black. They ugly cause they is!

And I’m tired of people always ignoring that weirdo asshole’s sniping! Pretty quiet in here until he shows up ruining the mood of the board. And I’ll tell you something else Stizzy and anonymous Guest. NOBODY has a greater or better catalog of stories here than I do, and I mean NOBODY! I took it to another level long before you knew anything about this place. Now when you earn multiple Man of the Year and Month and Rookie of the Year recognition for your contributions here, then MAYBE you can say some shit to me. But until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUT OF MY FACE. You got something good??? Then prove it motherfucker! I earned my stripes long ago. So BITE my ass! If you don’t care about the preference of others, then shut your mouth and roll with it cause you sure as hell have NO senior standing here. That’s for damn sure.

Never fails. Some big mouth bastard been here for minute thinks he’s gonna show up and challenge me. I helped to build this house, and you didn’t!

Black Shogun

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