Re: Guest

You're talking about my "Spunking on a punk" story, right? It was a time inconsistency since I usually quickly type out my stories on my phone and admittedly I tend to not proofread much, since I often post my story early in the morning (around 1-3 AM after the concert) so it was a simple mistake on my part.

I even have a pic of the blonde I came on in the post, and in my video Pervert's Paradise 3 the clip appears at the 4 minute mark. Hell, the timestamp even shows that it's being recorded February 3rd, so you can't say it was a random clip taken out of context.

A common trend I see in this community are the people who contribute the least being the first to criticize the validity of somebody else's stories. I've been uploading groping videos on my Xhamster channel for nearly 2 years now, and have candid videos older than that. I usually try to post a screencap of the highlight of my night out, or the vocal point of my story. But nonetheless there are those that claim the pictures are photoshopped or even found on Google, despite the fact that those screencaps more often than not appear in actual video form once I upload the video to my account.

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