This Weekend / red dragon

I agree with sho, red dragon is a PURE WHOLE SOLID COMPLETE BITCH ASS N*GGA.

He's been on the board, unSTOPPED, for YEARS CRITICIZING ALL OTHER CHIKANS for their chikan tastes, desires and experiences going as far as to question authencity and to get envious and say bullshit like 'your doing too are just telling us all those stories for attention...your going to get caught for having too much fun doing what I can't do' ... basically the most judgemental idiot that ayashi surprisingly hasn't banned or warned from the freaking forum yet. 🤦‍♂️

This guy has judged many of other guys, brow beating them and saying they just want attention for just doing the purpose of this site which is relaying accounts of their wonderful chikan experiences ONLY to make these guys feel guilty and not want to share any more stories because they feel discomforted from all his bitchy, grumpy, virgin bitterness. LMAO

If a girl's ass is bigger than his dick he will complain and say she's fat.

A girl's ass doesn't even have to be big at all really in order for him to make those bitch like remarks, highly likely because he's cursed with a baby dickitis. Smhlmao... any way Shogun, Guestz and a few other OGs are always posting fantastic stories and are always positive encouraging newer brothers like myself to share our experiences adding and building to this forum and it's legacy.

You keep up the good work, and newer members/visitors please COMPLETELY IGNORE loser dragon.

Feel free to share your stories without feeling intimidated from a upset at the world microdick cyber bully and enjoy yourself with this forum reading stories and telling stories.

P.S. I will have a story by tuesday to share, something great this weekend is about to go down!!! 😁😉🤗💯

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