The Brown Noser!

Look at this moron Arm Humper in here trying to kiss up to the members in good standing who have made this dishonorable scroll everything that it is! Just plain pathetic!

You crossed your Rubicon a long time ago asshole, and there is no going back! Nobody cares about your "stories" and nobody wants to hear about how you rub up on your "black blobs" as dude puts it LOL! No matter how much you "brown nose". So how's about you just stay on the sidelines shuttered the fuck up where you belong???

Same for Eric coming in here and posting still shots from chikan videos that have been on the net forever LOL! That was an excellent catch Buttmasher! Arrogant loser is in here posting other people's stuff most likely trying to pass it off as his own! Way to bust his shifty ass!

Black Shogun!!!

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