Arm humper

Can you get the hell out? You're the cancer of this board. All your stories are literally the same; rubbing your "erection" on an ugly black woman which you put on a pedestal on a bus until you get an "intense orgasm". Literally all your stories are like that. What's the point of sharing them? What's the point of posting iterations of the same story over and over again? Your stories are like snow white and the 7 dwarfs and each time you tell the story, it's like as if Disney changes the a color of one of the dwarfs garment each time and release it as if it's a new movie. And they aren't even good! In fact, they are horrible for the mind! Just imagine being on the bus and humping Aunt Jemima's arm/shoulder until you get an "intense orgasm"... I wouldn't even want to touch Aunt Jemima with a 10 foot pole! Just take a few moments and IMAGINE that in your head!

I am going to say this again, I am NOT Black Shogun. Take the time to compare your stories to his and you will see a whole lot of difference. I have an image of a lower-middle class middle-old aged black male in a third world country sitting in front of his computer just being salty on a fucking BBS. It's like you have a life long grudge against Black Shogun. Like he has clearly stated and has given proof on your "nappy headed hoe" and "Aunt Jemima" by posting pictures that YOU have posted. You then tried to compare your targets to Meghan Markle, who has no resemblance whatsoever to your targets and she is actually 1/2 white and 1/2 black. Clearly, you are only trying to defend yourself and not look at other people's angle.

Why do you keep posting your experiences here when nobody wants to read them? Who in their right fucking mind would want to hump Aunt Jemima's arm/shoulder? And who in their right fucking mind wants to read about someone humping Aunt Jemima's arm/shoulder in 1,000 different iterations? You keep posting these SAME bad stories and wonder why you get a lot of hate, then post the most salty shit ever and wonder why you get even MORE hate?

Whoever the FUCK is a fan of Arm Humper, please come out and post why the FUCK you are a fan of his, otherwise this post pretty much sums up the origins and continuous assaults between Black Shogun and Arm Humper.

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